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 Who we are:

We are a group of patriots citizens, living in Chattanooga, TN concerned about government overreach, ... blah balh... need stuff here to explain why we created this webpage.

Who we are

Who we are:

We are a non-partisan, grassroots group opposing transformation of Chattanooga becoming a “SMART City.” will keep you informed and together we will have a voice in Chattanooga’s future.

Our Objective:
Bring awareness to all citizens of Hamilton County regarding the fact that Chattanooga was designated
to be a SMART City by the World Economic Forum and signed the Global Alliance in 2019 in Davos,
Switzerland, the organization whose goal is to create the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. 

Ours Concerns:

  • 24/7 Surveillance and monitoring of personal data for undisclosed uses - notice all the cameras being installed city-wide?

  • Unrealistic goals such as ZERO waste and ZERO carbon emissions

  • Heavy investments in solar, wind, battery technology with unproven results and unknown costs

  • Dangerous public/private partnerships that require NO VOTER APPROVAL

  • Increased property taxes for commercial and residential property owners to become “energy compliant.”

  • Emission free traffic zones unless you own an electric vehicle

  • Restrictions and regulations on travel

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