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On March 28, 2023 Chattanooga Mayor, Tim Kelly, and 5 members of the Chattanooga City Council Quietly Passed a Resolution to Impose the World Economic Forum's Climate Change Initiatives on all Chattanoogans

Mayor Kelly, on March 21, 2023 introduced the '2023 Chattanooga Climate Action Plan'  (CCAP), previously known as the "Chattanooga SMART City" Plan and the public, for the first time was asked for input. 40 people spoke at this City Council Meeting.


  • Of the 40 speakers, 21 represented state, county and city government, or public/private, and business organizations including: TVA, EPB, UTC, green spaces, Hamilton County,  Chattanooga Regional Planning Commission, Tennessee Public Health Association, Public Policy at the Chattanooga Chamber, Tivoli Theater Foundation, Sierra Club, Climate Chattanooga Coalition.

  • The actual number of citizens represented is only 21, (2 were children not old enough to vote) and of those, 17 or 81% did not support the plan versus 4 or 19% that did.

  • This is more than 4 out of 5 citizens not in favor of the CCAP proposal. To include the comments from the organizations of whatever type that created, helped to create, or will financially benefit from this plan should not even be considered. Of course they are in full support. It is "THEIR" Climate Action Plan and their financial gain.

After this ONE public input session on March 21, Mayor Kelly updated the plan to include a "preamble". (updated plan in Plan tab) and City Council approved the CCAP 5-2 on March 28, one week after seeking public input.

Here is how they voted:

Voted NO: Ken Smith (Hixson), Chip Henderson (Lookout Valley)

Voted YES: Jenny Hill, Isiah Hester, Carol Berz, Raquetta Dotley, Marvene Noel

Absent: Darrin Ledford (E. Brainerd), Demetrus Coonrod (Eastdale)

See the Plans tab for various Chattanooga plans to date.

Link to the Chattanooga City Council home page here

Our Concerns:

On its face, the CCAP claims that it will make Chattanooga clean, safe, and equitable. Sounds great, but the plan contains highly controversial initiatives that will significantly restrict our rights, privacy, and repress our freedoms further creating more division, not unity.

"SMART Cities" sounds wonderful, but by definition they are based upon surveillance, monitoring, and harnessing data - your personal data. In short, your movements will be tracked and recorded. That data will be used and sold to private corporations for their use and profit. Critics of SMART Cities note tracking of private citizens is a slippery slope to restricting movement and activities based on social and economic goals created by global entities like the world Economic Forum (WEF).

The CCAP outlines goals veiled in trendy catchphrases that in reality are simply not realistic, but that's just the point. The goal is not to achieve zero waste or zero carbon emissions as claimed, the goal is to usher in social and environmental control mechanisms.


The WEF selected Chattanooga we suspect because of its "Gig City" status - quicker, easier, and less expensive to implement a surveillance network.

We have obtained, through the Tennessee Public Records Act (TPRA), the 2020 Letter of Intent between the WEF and the City of Chattanooga wherein the City agreed to join the WEF Alliance as a "pilot city." 

This agreement expired in July 2022 and we are currently investigating if it was renewed.














The WEF consists of uber wealthy billionaires, corporations and politicians. This is not an elected body and they are not accountable to anyone. Members include those who control the industries that affect our everyday lives: pharmaceutical, technology, media, energy, and food.

The goals of the CCAP are simply unattainable without imposing restrictions and regulations on people and businesses and those who not comply with face fines and penalties.

Residents and businesses who can afford to leave Hamilton County will leave, those who cannot afford to relocate will have no options. Our most vulnerable and low income citizens are at greatest risk.

The idea of stakeholder capitalism and multi-stakeholder partnerships might sound warm and fuzzy, until we dig deeper and realize that this actually means giving corporations more power over society, and democratic institutions less.

Local Voices, Local Leaders, Local Solutions

Why do we need or want a global ruling class to dictate our everyday lives? The American Way is to choose our individual paths as provided in our US Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Chattanooga way is how we seek solutions within our own community, at our pace and with great care that not one citizen will lose an ounce of freedom.

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