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Chattanooga Smart City Plans

Hot off the press:

Mayors chosen for inaugural City Data Alliance cohort

News 14 Jul 2022by SmartCitiesWorld news team

Twenty-two cities from North, Central, and South America have been chosen to participate in the Bloomberg Philanthropies initiative, which aims to take data-driven local government to a new level.

Chattanooga is on the list!

How Chattanooga is building largest smart intersection in US

January 5, 2023 by SmartCitiesWorld news team

USDoT will fund the $4.5m smart city project to create a living lab, providing mapping, tracking, and identification insights into the city’s state of mobility.


Chattanooga has been laying the ground work for many years

2006 - Mayor Ron Littlefield sets targets to reduce greenhouse gas

2009 -Mayor Ron Littlefield creates first Climate Action Plan, Resolution 25833

2012 - Mayor Ron Littlefield issues Executive Order setting goals for reduction of energy, water, waste by 2020

2010 - epb, owned by the City begins laying fiber in a 600 sq mile area (cost $390M, incl. $111M federal grant, $229 local revenue bonds)

2015 - SMART City plan published, author unknown 

2022 - Mayor Kelly publishes "One Chattanooga" Plan - framework for next 3 years

2023 - Mayor Kelly publishes the Chattanooga Climate Action Plan March 7, 23 and updates on March 28, 23 after ONE public input session on March 21, 2023. This revised CAP now includes a preamble page on "Protecting Individual Freedom, Personal Liberty and Privacy"

Click here for the City's official webpage and Mayor Kelly's message: "Why we need a Climate Action Plan"

The Chattanooga plans below are crammed full of WEF buzz words!

The 2023 CAP, in 50 pages, mentions:

emission 29x, carbon 50x, sustainable 36x, equity 45x!

To combat climate change?


On August 29, 2023 Mayor Kelly announced Chattanooga's Housing Action Plan.  Read the Article here

2023 Climate Action Plan FINAL 3/27/23 revised with Preamble,
approved by City Council on 3/28/23

2023 Climate Action Plan Draft 3/27/23 revised with Preamble,
approved by City Council on 3/28/23

2023 Climate Action Plan March 21, 2023

Draft 3/27/23

Mayor Kelly's One Chattanooga Plan

2015 Smart City Plan

Green|Spaces Chattanooga Integrated Community Sustainability Plan Jan 2021

Mayor Littlefield's
2009 CAP

Request for Proposal

City Area Plan for Zones 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 1(2)

Request for Proposal

County Area Plan for Zones 7, 8, 9, 12, 1

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