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Chattanooga to be a National Park City

Chattanooga to become 1st National Park City in the U.S., says Mayor Kelly on March 23, 2023


During last week's Kiwanis Club of East Brainerd meeting, Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly said Chattanooga would become the first National Park City in the United States.

The global National Park City movement currently only includes London, England, and Adelaide, Australia.

The mayor plans to reveal a detailed parks master plan closer to Earth Day next month.

Mayor Kelly emphasized that Chattanooga's unique attribute that cannot be replicated is its abundance of green space, which the city will further develop in the coming months. He believes increasing access to parks, and the outdoors is vital to addressing Chattanooga's mental health and addiction crisis.

Kelly said the solution is as simple as spending more time outside


Official website of the National Park City Foundation

!!!Please stay tuned while we research this new plan and it's implications on land re-allocation and impact on our properties. Of note is that a National Park will be administered by the Federal Government with Federal oversight and rules.

In the meantime here is a rather disturbing proposal by Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon who says "insiders should be free, not just through government, but through their businesses and not-for-profits, to be able to seize and confiscate your property."

UPDATE May 11, 2023 | article | John Shearer: Chattanooga’s National Park City Orientation Event Held

Did you know that the WHOLE State of Tennessee is one of the 55 federally managed and controlled "National Heritage Areas"?

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