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It was all a plan - this video has been banned but it lays out what happened in the last 3 years in 3 min 29 sec.

WEF touting lab grown fish, chicken, and 3D printed steaks | video (1:20)

The Globalists Plan for "for the greater good"|1min48)



Public Private Partnerships - AGENDA 21 It is a way that powerful individuals, Foundations, NGO's and "MEGA-CORPORATIONS" through a new entity, called "Public Private Partnerships", can take control of ALL government assets when that government has become "BROKE", "INSOLVENT", "BANKRUPT"..... Very simply. It became talked about openly after 1996. It is/was the solution for governments that are "BROKE", "INSOLVENT", "BANKRUPT".... America is now BROKE AND BANKRUPT !!! Public Private Partnerships = IT IS A NEW STRUCTURE FOR GOVERNMENT !!! Nov. 4th, 1999 - The first "GLOBAL" meeting on re-inventing government took place. The taxpayers as customers. The restructuring of governments. A business arangement to do business. Public Private Partnerships - AGENDA 21 There are 2 types of partnerships. Public = all levels of government - Local, County, State, Federal, - Foreign - United Nations Private = Multi-National Mega-Corporations, Foundations, NGO's / Non-Government Orgs, Powerful People, Are Dividing Up The World Amongts Themselves In The Biggest Wealth Heist And Transfer In Human History. The real bottom line of a Public Private Partnership is to take control all of the assets of governments. Local, County, State, Federal, - Foreign - United Nations Public- Private Partnerships are one of the most effective tools that are used by the globalists to implement Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, with the goal of destroying the structure of governments that represent the people, and puts profits and resources in the hands of those private interests. The public part of the Public- Private Partnership (PPP) is the government, which becomes corrupted and no longer represents the taxpayers, when it accepts funding from private interests. Further, the government becomes silent against abuses to the public when they have been compromised by PPP business arrangements, and, worse yet, may also sell off resources and utilities that were owned by the taxpayers. The government does this because they are broke and more taxation is unpopular. The private part of the PPP is often a combination of these entities: * Corporations (usually multinational) * Foundations (like Rockefeller) * Associations * Universities * Any entity with a lot of money * Non-Governmental Agencies (NGO's). NGO's are usually environmental agencies, like the Sierra Club and the Nature Conservancy. American local, county, state and the federal governments have gone broke and are ripe for the sale of their assets to PPP's because of deficit spending, and a lack of economic common sense. John Maynard Keynes promoted deficit spending to Roosevelt as a way to escape the Depression. This results in diluted government and loss of power. The private stakeholder in the business arrangement always has profit as its goal, not service. Service was formerly the role of the representative government. The assets that once belonged to the taxpayers are then transferred to private interests, in a transfer of wealth through the assets, to private parties that seek profit at any price. Frequently, deceit, deception and distortion are used to fleece the taxpayer into this 'solution' for governments that are broke. ----------------- Sources: AGENDA 21 ALERT: PUBLIC- PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS Part 1 of 2 Joan Veon * Camera: Paul Wittenberger * Edited: Paul Wittenberger * Date: November 05, 2009 AGENDA 21 ALERT: PUBLIC- PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS By Cassandra Anderson, based on an interview with Joan Veon Joan Veon is an author, journalist and expert on globalization; she also hosted her own radio talk show and is a successful businesswoman. In these 2 videos she explains the mechanism by which corporations gain power over all levels of government: local, county, state, federal, foreign and the United Nations, thus creating corporate fascism, on a global level. Ms. Veon reports that the only way to combat this is: * being alert and recognizing this scam * understanding the structure and intent of the PPP * taking action by exposing the PPP deceit at government meetings For a wealth of information on PPP's and related topics, please visit Ms. Veon's website at -------- AGENDA 21 ALERT: PUBLIC- PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS Part 2 of 2

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