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Carbon Footprint & Social Credit Score

The biggest part of the great reset you are missing is the Carbon Credit

They're telling you that they want to monitor, track and trace every kg of CO2 that you emit. The global average needs to be 2 tons per person, per year, while you are using 16 tons per year which means that your activity needs to go down by 800%

They have created black master cards that are going to have carbon allowance for everything you buy, it's going to show you a chart of how much kg of CO2 has been used making that product. So literally everything that you buy is going to be tracked.

They want to put limits on how much you can spend monthly, if you go over your limit, they will charge you $170 for every excess kg of carbon credit that you have used.

Mastercard tracking carbon use
How much carbon does this flight use?
Carbon footprint tracking app

Do you have enough carbon credit to take one of these flights??

The "Elites" are working on a carbon credit score system for you|video (32:51)

Electronic Currency tied to Digital ID tied to Social Credit Score for full control over you|video (24 sec)

It's medical implants in your body connected to the Internet that changes the human body. We will measure every aspect of your life |video (2:17)

Dutch banking CEO suggests implementing “carbon wallets” to monitor and regulate individual carbon footprints |video (1:39)

New ATMs coming soon, being tested at a CU in Virginia |video (59 sec)

Going Cashless - Reverse ATMs already here| video (2:25)

Warning - A Social Credit Score System Is Here. The CCP has been using for years - how did they sneak it in to the US? | Video (22:17)

Jordan Peterson WARNS Social Credit System COMING! Here’s How to STOP IT!!! | Video (12:48)

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