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Digital ID

This is what they (the globalist elites) want… total and complete control over your hard earned cash… they want to tax your life, track your payments, control want you purchase and even who you talk to, where you go and how you do it. With a cashless society and a social credit score system linked directly to your bank account.

The videos below will give you a good overview of the history of Digital Ids and how they will impact your life.

Digital IDs are here and why you should be worried |video (29:41)

Convenience - or total control over your money?| video (1:26)

Australia's Digital ID rollout - mid 2023|video (1:28)

WEF's Digital IDs on Clothing, everything you wear will be tracked|video (1:40)

China's Surveillance State:  Initiates Digital ID
Citizens must apply for a ID card, which contains information: name, gender, nationality, date of birth, address, ID number, and biometric information, such as photos, facial features, palm features, fingerprints, DNA|video (30sec)

WEF's plan for Digital IDs will encompass every aspect of your life!  And Governments Around The World Are All On Board... WEF|video (4:01)

Track & Track Surveillance State: Author Michael Rectenwald Details the Danger of Digital IDs: "Digital IDs pose the greatest threat to individual liberty than any item we have seen to date."|video (2:17)

Digital ID / Covid Passport goes live in European Union July 27th 2023|video (30 sec))

Social Credit Score in China today explained - "I own nothing and have a better life".

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