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Good Websites

Below are websites we have found informative and containing valuable research, articles, and video collections. Some organizations listed are local to Chattanooga, others are world-wide. Take look and please support their efforts. 

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Robert F. Kennedy's foundation to "defend children and democracy. Very good updates on jabs and their health consequences, and a good community forums page with ways to connect in your area.


This website exposes THE AGENDA OF WORLD TYRANNY - Globalist organizations are establishing worldwide tyranny, which will gradually remove all rights, freedoms, and possessions from humanity. They claim this will improve the state of the world. 

Stop World Control website


The federal government has overstepped its constitutional authority for years and the American people have allowed them to do it.  Now it is the job of "We the People" to rein them back in.  Our elections have become selections so thinking we can "vote the bums out" is no longer feasible.


APC’s website,, features one of the most detailed archives of articles on property rights protection, Agenda 21, and many more related issues, and is visited by readers from almost every nation in the world. Today, as a result of APC’s educational programs, more people around the world are becoming aware of the danger of the global agenda, which now includes the Green New Deal and the Great Reset. The opposition is growing.

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