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Tucker Carlson - Trust the experts on Climate Change|video(14min)

Epoch TV - Inconvenient Truth (17:15 min)

Joe Rogan and Michael Shellenberger - Climate Change Alarmism (6:36 min)

Tucker Carlson - New religion of choice for urban Atheists (13:23 min)

Contrails (Chemtrails) (24 sec)

Climate Science: What Does it Say? | Dr. Richard Lindzen (1h:50)

Climatologist breaks the silence on Global Warming| video (4:58)

From Ice Age in 1972 to Global Warming in 1980 in 6 years |video (1:07)

Biden Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk can't, or won't, say how spending $50 trillion in taxpayer dollars will reduce global temperatures| link to video in twittter

David Turk testimony

Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans | Full Documentary | Directed by Jeff Gibbs"

How much has CO2 in our air changed in the last couple of decades? |video (1m:48s)

Historical Climate Changes - cooling & warming.

weather modification history logo
the green delusion
timeline of failed predictions

12/24/22 The world warmed by only 0.3 of a degree in the past 43 years - less than the margin of error. There is no global warming crisis & this chart makes it clear. The UN campaign about climate change is fake.

temperature anomalies
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