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We are in a time of massive changes on every level of our lives and livelihood; our mainstream media reports only state approved "news" and normal discussions and discourse are no longer the norm. You have to dig deep and if your gut and common sense tell you "hold a moment, does that sound right?", we have made this website for you.

However, at this time, in March of 2023 we are laser focused on Chattanooga being transformed into a SMART City so make sure to bookmark the website and keep checking back as new content is added continuously.

Our objective is to make all citizens of Hamilton County aware of the facts regarding the "Chattanooga Climate Action Plan" (CCAP) which was renamed from the original "Chattanooga SMART City" plan - what it is, where it originated, why it exists, how it will affect all who live, work, and visit Chattanooga, and why we should object to it immediately.

This site represents many hours of research beyond main stream media sources. We invite you to browse, watch the videos and read the articles we have collected on many of the topics contained in the CAP. Confused by all the acronyms and buzzwords? Check the glossary section for quick reference.

Sometimes it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the buzzwords and woke ideologies; we hope to help you sort your way through, find your passion so that together we can save Chattanooga.

Short "poetic" video titled "And still the people didn't see"

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