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Join Us

There are many ways to take action:

  • Do your own research. We've provided a long list of reference materials on our website to get you started.

  • Please share this information with your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues.

  • Contact your elected representatives and ask questions, demand accountability and protection of your rights. Attend council and Commission meetings and speak out at the public comments time.

Chattanooga City Council Meetings

Weekly on Tuesday, 6pm,

1000 Lindsay Street, Ph: 424-643-7170


Chattanooga - Hamilton County Commission Meetings:

Weekly on Wednesday, 9:30 am,

Courthouse, Room 402, 625 Georgia Avenue, Chattanooga

  • Talk with your pastor and community leaders to ensure they are aware and engaged.

  • Participate in community meetings, neighborhood meetings, and volunteer to go door to door.

  • Maintain skepticism where your individual liberties are at stake. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Find your passion! Check out for the many groups you can join to get involved.

  • Check out and learn about the TN Constitution


We need "Boots on the Ground" to distribute flyers in your neighborhood, at your church, in businesses you frequent, etc. We must get the word out that the Climate Action Plan was not approved by the voters and many questions remain to be answered.
Call Mayor Kelly at 423-682-9269 to ask him why people were not allowed to vote for it

Contact us NOW and tell us how you will help.

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