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Town Halls.

These Town Hall meetings will be led by concerned citizens, for YOU, with the theme of: "Is it REALLY about CLIMATE CHANGE?" to address Mayor Kelly's 2023 Climate Action Plan, approved by City Council on March 28, 2023.

Do you know what is in the plan and how it will impact our lives and businesses?

Did you vote for this?


Citizen Town Hall #3 is planned for:

When: Thursday, July 13, 6:00 pm

Where: Lupton Drive Baptist Church, 859 Lupton Drive, Chattanooga

Stay Tuned for a potential additional fourth Town Hall in Hixson in July

If you were not able to join us here are the videos

June 17, The Commons in Collegedale














June 8, Calvary Chapel, downtown Chattanooga

Questions from the Town Hall Meeting Answered •Have you tried open records requests for ownership of the new cameras? Previous open records requests have not yielded the information we are looking for however, there are current efforts to continue submitting additional requests. Anyone can submit an open records request and we urge any person capable of doing so to proceed with all due haste! This is a community effort and we need anyone who can to join. •Can we have the cameras removed? Can we have the 5G towers removed? We do have an exploratory committee looking at this, but we need more knowledgeable people to help us. We do not know what exactly the city has agreed to with the federal government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), public/private partners, private philanthropies, etc. We are a small group and we need more people to help us uncover all. •Why do you care? Don’t you care about the planet? Yes, we all care about the planet, but we don’t believe the CAP is doing anything to save the planet. The battery and solar panels are not sustainable, are not easily recyclable, they’re expensive, the EVs will damage our roads and are too heavy for our bridges, parking structures and overpasses. Additionally, the components of the batteries and panels require mining in other countries using heavy equipment that is run on fossil fuels, then more fossil fuels to manufacture them, and in many cases uses slave labor and child labor for mining. Please research this, because what we have been told regarding renewable energy does not align with reality and does not support the planet in any positive manner. Even if you agree with the technology, our infrastructure (electrical grid) will not support the city fleet charging daily and the amount of money spent to get there will not happen without an immense amount of funding from outside Chattanooga. There are many other problems such as loss of property rights, freedom and loss of movement that are concerning to many people. The CAP has not addressed any of this. •How do we find out about city council motions or petitions before they are voted on or passes? The agenda for the city council is published the Friday before the Tuesday meeting.   •How can we interest the younger generation? They will not be interested unless and until they understand the Constitution of the United States, the Declaration of Independence and the Tennessee Constitution. This is why they don’t want to teach this in school. The government is teaching many things that are not true such as gender identity and that climate is an existential threat but failing to ensure students can read, write, and compute at grade level or know how their government works and what can be done to bring the government back under control. If you don’t know you HAVE certain rights, you cannot and will not complain when those rights are taken away. •What 6 counties does Moccasin Bend serve? Other than Hamilton County, we do not know which other counties are served. The information regarding this was found at the website listed below. If you able to determine which counties are involved, we would appreciate you letting us know so we can post it on NoogaVoices. City of Chattanooga: Moccasin Bend Environmental Campus | Better Buildings Initiative ( •How can you use solar if there is no sunshine on your property? You can’t. Solar requires sun, period. •Does the plan encompass Hamilton County? This plan mentions Moccasin Bend which serves 6 counties including Hamilton and the electrification of the school buses which is also Hamilton County. There are additional county plans that will split Hamilton County into zones, similar to what they plan to do with Chattanooga. There may be additional inroads the county has made to piggyback onto the city plans but we need help from the general public to find these. They do not make it easy for us to connect the dots! •Why is there an overdevelopment of apartments around the Chattanooga area? Supply seems to be outpacing demand. We believe this relates to the Climate Action/SMART City Plan where they want interconnected communities within biking, walking or public transport to everything. The city also wants to dictate where you will live by only building according to THEIR PLAN. The CAP wants to acquire forested tracts and any other land THEY DEEM needs preservation, protect streams, wildlife habitats and make Chattanooga a no-extinction zone which we feel is done to force people off the land and into the city. So, they have your apartment ready for you. •Is the data collected (from the surveillance) used against citizens? How do we know for sure? The city will tell you the data is collected anonymously, and that data is regularly destroyed. If this is true, you must wonder why a QUANTUM COMPUTER is necessary. There have been news articles where the police have said that they have been able to make arrests due to surveillance cameras, so it would seem that the data is not entirely anonymous. Also, Seoul Robotics, which is the company installing the surveillance intersections claim they can determine the emissions coming from your car, can read your license plate, monitor the crowd, etc. They also claim they have no facial recognition data however even if this is currently true, all that’s necessary is a software upgrade and once the cameras are in, that will probably be the next step. •Cameras make me feel safe. What’s wrong with them? Cameras are not inherently bad, just as your cell phone is not inherently bad. However, both can be used to track your movements. There were many cameras in Los Angeles County where I grew up, but it didn’t prevent crime. Many people have RING cameras at their home but that doesn’t prevent crime either. It may give a possible lead after the crime has been committed, but it doesn’t PREVENT the crime. If there’s a shooting and I’m shot, the police may get a lead from the camera, but I’m still shot (or dead). Also, criminals don’t care about cameras. They will remove a license plate, wear a hat, use sunglasses and a mask and the cameras have been rendered almost useless. If cameras stopped crime, Los Angeles and New York would not be overrun with it. Also, you never know when you’re considered a criminal. People who attend school board meetings and don’t agree with the school board are now considered domestic terrorists. People who didn’t get the vaccine were considered to be superspreaders and people wanted them arrested. People who don’t agree with the LGBTQIA+ philosophy are considered violent. The definition of a criminal seems to be fluid. Finally, some people make the argument that cameras take away our right of privacy. There are others who say that you have no right of privacy when in a public setting. Regardless, when someone can track your every movement, along with microphones which can record your conversation, there comes a point when you don’t feel safe to speak or associate freely. This is a dangerous slope which leads to unimaginable control. Once the government is in, they will never get out. •If the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), SMART phones and digital ID are the essentials (to a SMART city), how specifically can we fight the “beast” system? There are many controls the SMART city will use. In addition to those mentioned in the question are SMART meters, RING and other camera doorbells, ALEXA, and SIRI, new appliances with CHIPS that connect to SMART meters, SMART watches, and FITBIT (which the military is not allowed to use!), surveillance cameras, license plate readers, credit card transactions, social media and internet usage. Even though some of these are used within private companies, the government has requested records, for example of all credit card usage in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021 and received the data from Bank of America without a warrant. Everyone must make a decision about what they choose to use and how. I personally no longer use my FITBIT, I do not have a camera doorbell, I have begun to use cash to the greatest extent possible and do not have ALEXA or SIRI. I still have credit cards, use social media sparingly, and use a VPN when using the Internet. I will also refuse to use CBDC. Some people use faraday bags so the signal on their cell phones cannot be tracked. These are all personal choices, and everyone must use their own free will to do what’s right for them. We can demand that companies do not turn over our data to the government without a warrant (which must (should) have probable cause) but this will take time. Meanwhile, we must understand technology, how it works and who controls the data BEFORE we make purchases. Then we need to hold those companies accountable to keep our data safe. We also need to do our own research and stop letting others control what we know and don’t know. There is a lot of information available on the Internet (it’s easier to find if you don’t use Google) and there are many people who are making their research available which can be verified or disproved. •What can “we the people” do to stop, delay or at least disrupt the SMART paradigm? We are currently discussing many avenues to disrupt or stop this paradigm and we need more voices, more money and more volunteers to effect any change. Our efforts must also center around education because the general population of Chattanooga and Hamilton County residents are clueless about what is currently ongoing here. Until they know and a good percentage of them are willing to stand up and speak up, we will fail. Currently, we need volunteers to hand out flyers for future town halls and meetings. We attend local events to hand out flyers and encourage people to tell their neighbors, relatives and friends about the town hall meetings. We are looking for venues to hold regular meetings so people can attain more information and we encourage everyone to do their own research. Any solid information you come across, can be sent to NoogaVoices and will be posted for others to view. •Can we recall the mayor? The mayor can be recalled, however before any of that happens, the public must be aware of this issue (and others) and we must have a better candidate. If you recall this mayor and you get someone else who will take us down the same path it is all for nothing. We need a groundswell of support from people who don’t think this is the right path for Chattanooga before any recalls of the mayor (or city council) can be initiated. The vote for the entire city council is due to happen in 2025; maybe that should be one of our goals. •What happens if we don’t meet the World Economic Forum (WEF) goals in Chattanooga? Will Chattanooga be owned by the WEF rather than being a part of the USA? Are we locked into the Global SMART City Contract? We have not seen what has been signed so we have no idea as to what we have been obligated to do. We don’t believe that the WEF can take over Chattanooga but we do believe the world organizations are trying to overturn our constitution. This is evidenced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and their recent demands along with the Federal Government which is obsessed with the Green New Deal and enforcing it with federal dollars to gain the compliance of individual cities. These all erode the Constitution and at some point, will make it meaningless. •Do you trust electronic voting machines? No. There is a ton of readily available information that shows the machines were Internet capable, are easily sabotaged, were not password protected and many other problems. There have been documentaries made about their unreliability (see “2000 Mules”). You must also ask yourself, if you’re using a machine to count the votes, why can’t you get immediate election results? We got them during the 60’s when they had to hand count, so why not now? Also, machines are used to match voter signatures in many cases and are not calibrated to be accurate on mail-in ballots. There are more reasons to NOT trust the machines than there are to trust them.

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