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You DO have the option to not approve this plan or delay the vote

by: Rick W.

Hello City Council Members,

To be clear, I do believe we have to keep our planet healthy. I grew up in the flyover country, camping and fishing were a very important part of my family's life.

I would like to say I appreciate the fairness that all of the citizens were given a chance to speak the full two minutes Tuesday night. It is very important that

all citizen s can voice their opinions. I do question the benefit of state, county, and city government and public organization PAID employees speaking on this issue, as if these organizations actually have a vote come election day. In addition, organizations such as green spaces, EPB and TVA will directly benefit from the passage of this rush to vote plan.

To save you the effort, I have prepared a summary of the speakers that spoke on the proposed Climate Action Plan. Of the 40speakers, 2 were children who are not old enough to vote, reducing the total to 38 Tennessee potential voters.

Of the 38 individuals, 21 represented

state, county and city government, or public/private, and business organizations


  • TVA

  • EPB

  • UTC

  • green spaces

  • Hamilton County Chattanooga Regional Planning Commission

  • Tennessee Public Health Association

  • Public Policy at the Chattanooga Chamber

  • Tivoli Theater Foundation

  • Sierra Club

  • Climate Chattanooga Coalition

The actual number of citizens represented is only 21, and of those, 17 or 81% did not support the plan versus 4 or 19% that did.

This is more than 4 out of 5 citizens not in favor of the CAP proposal. To include the comments from the organizations of whatever type that created, helped to create, or will financially benefit from this plan should not even be considered. Of course they are in full support. It is "THEIR" Climate Action Plan and their financial gain.

Note: excludes 2 children

Speakers For Against Total

Total 21 17 38

55% 45% 100%

Govt./public/private/ business orgs. 17 0 17

100% 0% 100%

Citizens 4 17 21

19% 81% 100%

Over 4 out of 5 citizens not in favor

Why are all of the Hamilton County voters not allowed to vote on such an impactful resolution that will drastically change our future;one that is creating administrative law without a vote of the people? The city and county are too intertwined to not consider the direct impact on Hamilton County. In fact, the Chair of the Hamilton County Chattanooga Regional Planning Commission was the7th speaker at the podium that night. The 2024 election will provide the opportunity for total county input. All of Hamilton County

. This is too big of a burden for 9 people to shoulder for OUR future. Please delay this vote to gain more information. Better yet, vote to place this on the 2024 ballot and let the people make this decision.

One topic not mentioned was the actual cost of this project and continued maintenance. Who is providing the funds, how much is each providing, providing to who, for how long, and funding requirements? Who are the partners mentioned in the resolution that will provide "consistent, dedicated effort by the City of Chattanooga and partners across the city"? These are all very important elements of this plan. Please be transparent and provide this information or let me know where I can locate on my own.

Between now and then, please read the attached white paper titled " An Invisible Prison Has Been Built Just for Your" by Joseph Mercola. This should give you plenty of insight into what I am concerned about. Is this our future?

You DO have the option to not approve this plan or delay the vote.


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