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We all just want some truth


This post is not about agreement, but only to share information I’ve learned lately. I may not even agree with it all, but please personally pursue to know more for yourself. We all just want some truth. Many of you don’t know much about SMART cities or the 15 minute cities, so I hope this will help explain.

These videos are about what is happening now in other parts of the world and the U.S. also has current experiments as a first step for 15 minutes cities. The videos explain 15 minute cities (another World Economic Forum promotion) and the ultimate goals. It’s based on carbon footprint (you) and climate change. Pay attention. Chattanooga has stacked housing going up everywhere downtown.

The Smart City concept has some wonderful aspects, but to what final end? We don’t want to check our freedom at the door without knowledge. Chattanooga was chosen by the WEF (Al Gore is on the board) as one of the first 36 world-wide prototype S.M.A.R.T. cities. One of only two cities in the U.S. SMART = Surveillance, Monitor, Analyze, Report, Technology <off the WEF website. “Gig City” helped evolve Chattanooga as a SMART city.

This is ultimately about identity and data tracking, but hyped as mostly just traffic control. Notice our intersections already. Most have four cameras on them and it was recently announced that we will get 86 more Smart intersections by 2025. This will create a connecting surveillance controlled network over the entire area. Your movements, even shopping habits, will be monitored via license plates, facial recognition, and digital use. Be alert, don’t ignore, and ask questions. Protect your freedom.

This sounds outlandish, but we are living in a crazy world right now and we need to be especially watchful so we won’t end up like China.The pandemic rules and lockdowns certainly tested to what extent people can be controlled. I’m researching because I don’t want to be oblivious.

Be aware for Chattanooga. The mayor just released a “climate action plan”. Of course, some of it sounds great, but what is the real goal? We should question everything these days and investigate. This is being pushed through with the public having little knowledge. It was announced last week, and I have heard that a council presentation is in a week, and a vote the week after. But we the people don’t get a choice or vote on it. You know, we all must be on bicycles or have electric cars and charging stations all over the city. Not working for California though...

Climate changes just as naturally as the seasons. Our history shows these cycles. "Climate change" is being used as a scare tactic in all the WEF directives to control entire populations and has been successful in doing so. Yuval Harari is the lead advisor for Klaus Schwab who is the founder and head of the WEF. Schwab is the author of "COVID-19/The Great Reset". The WEF seems to be the puppeteer behind most everything going on worldwide. Check out Harari on these clips:

Read the Word, pray, seek wisdom, and be prepared for most anything. We are living in exciting times!

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