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UTC Announces Launch Of Research Institute

Monday, May 1, 2023 article in - Breaking News UTC is establishing the UTC Research Institute as a strategic initiative launched to pursue increased research funding, interdisciplinary collaboration across campus, and support for community and local industry priorities.

What will this initiative specifically pursue?

  • The Research Institute will narrow and intensify the University’s focus on strategic areas of research funding. Two initial focus areas are transportation (intelligent transportation systems, electric vehicle and battery technologies, human factor, automation, multimodal systems, policy and planning, cyber security, privacy and infrastructure) and quantum technologies (computing, sensing and networks).


  • In August 2022, a proposal submitted by Chattanooga’s Smart City program and developed by CUIP won $9.2 million in funding - $4.5 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation and $4.7 million from industry partners, UTC, Chattanooga city government and EPB. The funding, the single-largest of its kind in UTC history, is creating a networked system making Chattanooga home to the nation’s largest electric vehicle “living testbed.”

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