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Lab-Grown Meat Is 25 Times Worse for the Environment by Dr. Mercola.

If you are not familiar with Dr. Mercola, a quick and dirty search engine search shows a lot of negative opinions by "Health Experts" about his mission to educate people about natural remedies and healthy life styles. Of course. But if you do believe in science and not Big Pharma, you may want to subscribe to his newsletter

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Lab-grown, or cultured, meat is being promoted as the wave of the future — the “green,sustainable” way to eat. No animal suffering, no greenhouse gas emissions, just meat-like protein that will taste like the burgers and steaks you’re used to. Too bad it’s all a lie.

According to a recent “cradle-to-gate life cycle” analysis, the lab-grown meat industry produces four to 25 times more CO than traditional animal husbandry

Cultured meats are ultra-processed and therefore likely to cause health problems similar to those caused by other ultra-processed products, such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, Type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, mental health problems and increased all-cause mortality

The starting ingredients in the new fermented synthetic biology products are cheap sugars derived from genetically engineered (GE) corn and soy. GE crops are grown in environmentally destructive mono cultures that use loads of herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. As a result, they’re loaded with chemical residues

Once the target organisms in the ferment have consumed the nutrients they need, what’s left over is hazardous bio waste that must be deactivated and safely disposed of. The waste cannot be sent to a landfill or used for any other purpose

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