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Conservative Chattanooga Responds To TIPL

by Michael Deming

As the COP28 (Agenda 2030) gathering of grifters continues its 2 week run in Dubai, the local chapter of Interfaith Power and Light (IPL) held a candlelight vigil Sunday evening as reported here in the Times Free Press. The adherents called “for leaders to do more to curb greenhouse gas emissions. 'We are running out of time,' said Dan Joranko of Tennessee Interfaith Power and Light (TIPL)…. He warned of increased wildfires, drought and rising sea levels…” In the interest of full disclosure, I am a member of the group SaveChattanooga mentioned in the article, an unfunded group of volunteers who believe in a representative Constitutional government. Huh, imagine that! We believe in the Law of the Land. We reject the claims of the climate alarmists and call for a debate on their ‘pseudo science”. Let the chips fall where they may. Truth has nothing to fear! Which is exactly why this debate has not, in over 50 years despite repeated efforts, happened nor will it ever be allowed to occur anytime anywhere. This is a conversation that must occur; logic and reason demand it. Being of a certain age, I remember The UN’s Maurice Strong rolling out the first “end times” predictions if we don’t change our climate ways in 1972. Doomsday has quite obviously never arrived, but the spokesmen and dire claims have been a steady drumbeat ever since. John Kerry, being our country's latest incarnation. If a religious leader or business forecaster had a 100% wrong record I believe the words fraud or perhaps charlatan might be applied. Certainly the reins of power should be removed from their hands. Why you might ask, do they continue to push this fear? Certainly trillions of dollars to be looted and distributed and the power to exercise political control over billions of people is in play. This is our human history dear reader, repeated endlessly and always the objective of tyrants. One would have to be incredibly naive to believe it is not happening today.

What does this have to do with our article and the IPL? Well I’m glad you asked! In times past empires were built through war, the conquest of land and subjugation of its people. That method tended to be messy and did not end well for the “leaders” when the people caught on. A new twist on the path towards empire and, wait for it, a ”New World Order” was to create Non Governmental Organizations (NGO). These are unelected unaccountable organizations who enact policy under “color of law”. Our “leaders” have included us in the imposition of their tyranny. We will put the shackles on ourselves. The IPL is but one of thousands of these NGO's. A quick visit to their website reveals a well organized operation with resources in the millions of dollars, funded by government and the corporations who can profit. Please go look for yourself. A stated goal, and one we find particularly dangerous is “personal and societal transformation.” Could there be a more all encompassing open ended idea? Transform from what to what? Ask yourself this question and please, do not look away when you see the answer. It is not without a little envy that we see the money and infrastructure poured into efforts aimed at thwarting ours. Oh what we could do with one percent of their funding! I believe we could win bigly. So, speak out folks. Arm yourself with honest and truthful information. Be good spokesmen and spokeswomen. Remember, “one man armed with the truth is a majority.”

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