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Comments to City Council 3/28/23 - Part 1

by B.R

The World Economic Forum has Chattanooga in their pocket since we were chosen as one of the first 36 cities in the world to be a prototype Smart City and one of only two in the U.S. Yuval Harari is a top advisor for the WEF. He states in a video interview that terrorists only affect a few, but to use climate as a fear factor will affect the world. The WEF has promoted and manipulated that idea for years to achieve their controlling agenda. Climate change cycles are as natural as the seasons and we are NOT in a climate crisis.

The directive under transportation in your plan is really about reducing the number of privately owned cars and if we do have them, the majority are to be electric. The city could even shut down a grid or a person’s electric vehicle at any time. The base components for batteries are out of China, and Ukraine is one of the world’s richest sources for EV materials, particularly lithium. We need to address the big picture of all this and see where we are being led.

Some of this Climate Action Plan has good aspects, but overall it looks like a smoke screen to develop Chattanooga into a 15-minute city which is yet another WEF initiative.

A 15-minute city is about housing people in a zone so that everything they need such as groceries, medical, school, work, and hopefully church, is all within a 15 minute walking or cycling distance to create a low carbon footprint. The carbon is us. These choices are narrow within a zone and prices wouldn’t have to be particularly competitive.

There are test runs of 15-minute cities already, and one is the town of Oxford in the U.K. The town is zoned as a circle of 6 pie slices. If you go outside your zone in your car, you must get a permit and are only allowed 100 trips per year or you will be fined. You can only access another zone by car by way of a ring road around the town. The idea is to have few vehicles inside the circle.

Basically, you cannot shop, walk, live without being monitored which is accomplished by Smart City applications like we already have here; cameras, sensors, and many other identity tracking methods. I understand Chattanooga is to have 86 more Smart intersections installed by 2025 so there will be a connecting communication network over our whole area. What happens to our

privacy and freedom?

We could expand parks and trails as proposed, but don’t dictate and confine us and our movements with so-called “climate” rules. Getting these federal funds to acquire even our identity data eventually is not in the people’s best interests. The WEF wants that personal data worldwide which can be sold. We would be viewed as a commodity, not a person.

Has the 15-minute concept been discussed by the council and is that an ultimate plan because the Climate Action Plan looks like that possibility.

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